£260 parking ticket!

On 05/01/2017 At 17:00 I stupidly parked outside an Argos on a Red Box. At 17:14 I received my first ever parking ticket by a traffic warden for parking where prohibited (Red Route). The warden explained to me that if I pay for the charge within 28 days then the cost would be  reduced by 50% (Yeah like that makes a difference to a 21 year old Student…) I was obviously furious and every fiber in my body was telling me to shout at this person doing their job but I kept calm, accepted the penalty by hand and drove away by 17:20. I paid £65 online for that penalty on the 11/01/2017 (I have the payment reference number). By this point I believed that everything was sorted however, the same day I paid for my charge I received a Letter from Transport for London for the exact same incident!!!. The Letter explained that at 17:09  my car was parked were prohibited (they had a picture of the car using CCTV) and that I had to pay £65 for this penalty. As I was reading the letter, I believed this was their confirmation that I received a PCN 6 days prior, but I later found out that they wanted me to pay for the exact same incident twice because The penalty charge number on the letter and the one given to me by the traffic warden were two different numbers.


Logically, I assumed the letter was sent by mistake as you cannot give two PCNs for the exact same incident where the two fines were given within 5 minutes! of each other so I didn’t worry about it because I believed this mistake would be resolved by Transport for London Automatically (stupid to have trust like that…I know.)

The issue was not resolved, instead I got sent a ‘Charge Certificate‘ on 17/02/2017 for not paying the PCN I received by letter which they shouldn’t have sent me in the first place. The ‘Charge Certificate’ fine is £195 and I have 14 days to pay for it. Upon receiving this letter, I started laughing at the ridiculousness of life which slowly turned into anger, Why make this mistake on me?  I made a call to the Transport For London general enquiry number explaining the whole situation,the person I spoke to on the phone apologized and said that this is a mistake from their part but the only way to fix it is to ‘make a representation online‘ to challenge the fine. I did this immediately after hanging up and included all the evidence I had.

I waited for a response for my representation which they said could take up to 15 days. They gave me a link where I could ‘view PCN‘ and as of the 10th of march, my £195 penalty was Cancelled!!!!

Hopefully this issue doesn’t happen again by the Transport For London. Otherwise, £260 for one parking ticket is too ridiculous to even think about.

Has this ever happened to anyone ?

Let me know below





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