My 10 favourite features of the Golf VW match edition. (Part 2)

  1. No Handbrake: As a new driver, there’s nothing I hated more (after clutch control of course) than the handbrake. My instructor would always have a go at me for not using it correctly, whether that’s not having it all the way up or securing it correctly before moving off. With the Golf 7 you no longer have to worry about that because it has an Electronic Parking Brake! First time I saw this little button and I was told it was the ‘parking brake’ I almost didn’t believe it. To use, when you come to a stop simply pull and hold the button and a light will come on to assure you your car’s parking brake is on. When you’re ready to move off again, push down the button and drive away, it’s really that simple. From now on, Any car that does’t have this feature will seem ancient to me.
  2. Hill assist: We’ve all been there, you’re sat there in your 10th driving lesson and your instructor directs you to go up on a hill, as you’re slothfully making your way up and suddenly you see traffic slowing down to a stop. Whoever is behind me better stay at least 10 meters back because this car is rolling once we get moving again. Luckily, with a Hill assist button called Auto Hold right next to the electronic parking brake, your car will be easier to control when on a hill so you no longer have to worry about rolling back. Moreover, you no longer need to apply the Electronic parking break.
  3. Sensors: Probably the feature I rely most on are the sensors at the front and back of the Car. When driving, the car will beep once you get too close to the car in front of you, it will also beep if he car behind you gets too close to the rear of the car. Whilst beeping, the screen in the interior of the car will preview exactly how close you are. This feature comes very handy when parking, to this day I can proudly say I have yet to hit a car (or anything or anyone for that matter) and this is all thanks to the sensors.
  4. The Clutch/Stop and Start: You still have to use the clutch I’m afraid, so you’re clutch control still needs to be on point however when you’re driving and come to a stop, if you let go of the clutch completely (when in neutral gear of course lol) the car will turn off! Once you press down the clutch again, it will turn back on and you’re ready to go. The main purpose of this feature I’m guessing is to save fuel which is very important if you can’t afford it like me.
  5. Navigation System: The Volkswagen Golf Match Edition comes with a built in navigation system with 3 calculated routes to pick from, Live traffic updates as well as points of interest. This means that you will never have to worry about getting lost again.

Those are all my favourite features from the VW Golf match edition.

Let me know below which are you favourites and why.

See you on the next one.


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