My 10 Favourite Features of the VW Golf Match Edition. (Part 1)

I’ve been driving a 1.6 diesel Volkswagen Golf TDI (Match Edition) for 3 months now and although I’m no petrol head and this is the first car I have ever owned here’s part 1 of 10 features/things I absolutely love about the car.

  1.  Automatic wipers: This feature comes in very handy when it rains because you no longer have to constantly press for the front wipers to be used which can be very distracting and takes away from the enjoyment of driving. The speed of the wipers will automatically adjust according to the speed of the rain.
  2. Heated Seats: According to the sales person at VW, this specific Golf model won ‘most comfortable seats‘…award? I guess?…but that’s boring. What’s not boring is having your whole backside and back feeling warm and emirates first class like comfortable (I’ve never been on a first class emirates flight but i guess it’s comfortable).
  3. Low Fuel Warning System: If you ever find yourself low on fuel in a golf MK7 then no need to worry because not only does the car warn you with a message on the dashboard but it also offers to find you the quickest route to the nearest petrol station to you. That’s one very neat and very efficient German thinking.
  4. Automatic driving lights: This is for people who really can’t be bothered to do anything themselves. You simply leave your lights on auto and the front lights will adjust their brightness based on how dark or light it is outside. This again makes you more focused on your driving rather than anything else that might distract you.
  5. Automatic Folding mirrors: The side mirrors on the car automatically fold in when you lock the car and they automatically fold out when you unlock it. This is very convenient as it gives you one less thing to worry about and I have to be honest it is very satisfying just walking away after locking the car and having those side mirrors squeak as they fold. You will not experience anything cooler…maybe you will but it’s still cool!

So that’s about it for part 1. see you in part 2…


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