Winners And How They Succeed!

Price: £18.68 (Hardcover) £7.99 (Paperback)

Author: Alastair Campbell:

  • Born 25 May 1957
  • Graduated from Cambridge where he studied French and German
  • Journalist, Director of Communications and strategy (2000-2003) for Tony Blair

The book: 4.5/5 (Amazon) 4/5 (goodreads)

Winners and how they succeed is a book that attempts to give you an insight into successful people’s mentality. Campbell Interviews and speaks about several politicians, entrepreneurs and sports personalities such as  Bill gates, Barack Obama,Richard Branson, Arsene Wenger, Floyd Mayweather as well as Nelson Mandela. In doing so we as readers are able to get a better understanding of how these Winners really think.

The book is split into 4 parts:

  • PART 1: THE HOLY TRINITY (Strategy, Leadership and Teamship)
  • PART 2: IT’S ALL IN THE MIND (The right and extreme mindset, Visualization and The mind of an unbeaten winner)
  • PART 3: STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD (Boldness, Innovation, Data)
  • PART 4: CHANGING SETBACKS INTO ADVANTAGES (crisis management, Resilience, Australia and The Queen).

Who should read this book? 

I would recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn from successful people. It is a book that gives you access to the minds of elite sports personalities and very wealthy and successful business men/women.

My criticism

This book does not show you business steps in how to make a fortune which in fairness it doesn’t claim to in the title or anywhere else. So if you’re looking for a ‘How to become rich’ book, this isn’t it. Therefore, the book is very general in the sense that it doesn’t dive into the detail of a specific field or a specific person. You are simply given a brief story about a lot of successful people and how they think which will definitely help you obtain some of their characteristics and making you successful in the long term if you apply those traits to your own life.


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